About api

The Laboratory

Our Quality Control (QC) lab presents state of the art machinery operated by qualified and trained personnel for stringent monitoring of the quality of the raw material used, semi-finished products, and most importantly our own products. With all the machinery routinely calibrated under the witnessing of Bureau Veritas, API is confident in the accuracy of the tests carried out on its premises which are:

  • Dimensional analysis (ISO 15874 - EN 12201)
  • Melt flow rate (ISO 1133)
  • Longitudinal Heat reversion (ISO 2505)
  • Homogeneity (ISO 18553)
  • Hydrostatic Pressure testing (ISO 1167)
  • DSC Analysis (ISO 11357)
  • Oxidation Induction time (ISO 11357)
  • Impact Sensitivity - Falling weight method (EN 744)
  • Impact Sensitivity - Charpy Method (ISO 9854)
  • Tensile Strength (EN ISO 6259)
  • Butt weld pull out tensile strength (ISO 13953)
  • The QC cycle