About api

The Factory

API’s lines of pipes and fittings are produced in all standard diameters and sizes and are manufactured by means of the latest extrusion and injection-molding technologies.

  • Extrusion Department
    The pipe production department is well-appointed with state-of-the-art machines from renowned European plastic machinery suppliers, that are further supported with high expertise and efficiency in pipe production, and real-time quality monitoring.
  • Injection Department
    The department that manufactures all fittings and accessories for our pipes. With over 10 injection machines of varying capacities, and over 200 molds for fittings, our injection department is capable of achieving high volume production of fittings.
  • Mold Making Department
    This department is supplementary, yet crucial, namely to the injection department. Our engineers and technicians design, tool, assemble and repair all molds used in our injection process. Having this in-house department strengthens our position as manufacturers, especially since we have direct input on the fittings from the beginning of their conception.
  • Quality Control
    Equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and highly qualified personnel, this department ensures that stringent conditions are met for products. From inspecting raw material and semi-finished products, to type testing and batch release testing, our laboratory is a living example of API’s commitment to uncompromising product quality.