About api

The endless quest and strong demand for high quality piping products gave rise to the establishment of Advanced Plastic Industries (API) back in 1994. Today, we are a leader in the progressive world of plastics, and pride ourselves in manufacturing the finest polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP-RCT) pipes and fittings that not only meet market requirements of today, but those of the future as well. We continually strive to conform to our core values of “constant innovation, superior quality, and client satisfaction”. This collective goal unites our organization under one objective: creating an exceptional pipe system that is high in performance, reliable and durable, faster and easier to install, hygienic for drinking water and regards the environment. In effort to maintain our reputable market position and remain ahead of competition, our teams of highly skilled staff continuously research and develop innovative production processes and quality control methods to ensure a world-class product. Such could not be possible without our state-of-the-art laboratory, tool and die shop, and wide range of contemporary plastics machinery.

We continually strive to conform to our core values of “constant innovation, superior quality, and client satisfaction”

Our topnotch piping system is developed and manufactured within an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance system and complies with the most recent and relevant international standards for quality control, employee welfare and environmental protection. We are also proud holders of various renowned certifications that allow for both local and global recognition and approval. Given that client satisfaction is crucial to us, and in order to meet the requirements of contractors, consultants, and installers, we provide on-site training and after-sales service to safeguard optimal utilization of our products.

At present, our product lines for pipes and fittings are available and purchased in numerous countries around the world. A solid sales team, including a dedicated export department and a broad distribution network, consist of over 140 competent distributors who currently service the local and regional markets. However, we won’t stop here. Plans are underway to enter new markets… WAIT FOR US!