About API

Advanced Plastic Industries S.A.L. (API) has been established, since 1994, primarily as a manufacturer of the finest plastic pipes and fittings solutions for the construction industry. API specializes in the manufacture of advanced polypropylene pipes (PP-rct) and fittings for the water construction value chain.

Our Mission

We strive to attain high customer satisfaction by focusing our business activities on the development, manufacturing and distribution of first-class plastic pipe systems for the water transmission industry.

Our ongoing quest for the improvement and innovation of our products, resources, facilities and services -all in compliance with international standards- assist growth across current and potential markets.

Our Vision

We aim to gain worldwide recognition as a leading manufacturer who satisfies the need for superior quality plastic pipes and fittings, through constant development and innovation.

ISO 9001 Certified

SKZ Certified

DVGW Certified

TZW Certified

Libnor Certified

MPA Certified

DCL Certified

Fraunhofer Certified

Our Goals

  • 1

    Offering uncompromising superior value of our products

  • 2

    Improving our customers’ competitive position

  • 3

    Continually exceeding our customers’ requirements and expectations

  • 4

    Complying with legal and statutory requirements and standards

  • 5

    Sustaining a safe and healthy work environment for our employees that fosters personal growth, teamwork, and respect

  • 6

    Continuous contribution to stakeholders’ growth